woensdag 15 april 2015

See, Feel, Love Omunity - Love in Action

Just published my book of Omunity, a spiritual resort full of love, in the middle of rural Bali. What a peaceful spot in Bali Indonesia, founded by ZANZAN in 2010. Feel the love of Sudaji, Sekumpul and Lemukih area, where you'll find unspoiled rice fields, waterfalls and much more. Combining Balinese, Eastern and Western tradition and culture, Omunity is primarily concerned with providing a future for our children.

A world without plastic, dangerous chemicals and fertilisers. Returning to basics – what the anchestors understood and practised. Omunity seeks to educate and inform both locals and visitors. To bridge the gap between environmental concerns and human interests through practical education and sustainable Sudaji community involvement.

The concept of OMunity Bali is “living with” and “amongst” the community and local people of Sudaji. Full board (all organic food) and field trips are included, and will give you so much positive energy you never want to leave again. Excellent for yoga retreats, with full use of the Wantilan.

My other two books about Sudaji:

Book 1

Book 2


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